Yng discovered Reiki at a time when she was seeking alternatives to cope with stress and anxiety after working in media/television production for 15 years. She found Reiki to be more than a tool for stress relief – the practice helped her tremendously for her insomnia, sinusitis and improved her quality of sleep. Reiki also raised her self awareness, and helped to embrace her gift as an empath to help others.

Yng started offering Reiki sessions from 2012 and workshops since completing her Reiki Master training in 2013.

Yng has also been initiated into other energy healing modalities including Kundalini Reiki, and the Curanderos’ healing techniques of Light Energy Weave, Heart Healing and Mayan Light Language Grids. She works with crystals and has brief training in sound healing.  She offers private healing sessions where she engages a combination of techniques for the highest good of the client.

Yng tends to keep her workshops to the maximum size of 6 to encourage participation. She conducts Reiki workshops in both English and Mandarin and over Skype upon request. Distance healing services and house calls are also available.


ACTA Trainer, WSQ Singapore
Usui Reiki Master Teacher, The Reiki Center, Singapore


Credentialled Reiki Teacher, The Usui Reiki Association