Heart Healing

As the name suggests, this session focus on healing the heart centre. The five techniques can address specific issues that are holding one back from experiencing love. It can help to heal and release emotional pains that are held/buried in the heart.

A session lasts about 60 minutes including healing and brief/debrief. All techniques are hands-on healing with the recipient lying down. The session may take place in a designated healing space or a house visit can be arranged.

Energy Exchange (In-Person):
S$150 per session
S$40-S$60 additional chargeable per house visit

Distance/Remote healing is also available. You do not need to be physically present with the practitioner for this. A mutual time will be set up between the practitioner and the receiver for the session to take place. A distance/remote healing session works as well as an in-person session. Distance healing were completed for recipients in Singapore, UK, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Germany, France, Mexico, and Peru, to name a few.

Energy Exchange (Distance/Remote):
– S$100 per session

Please contact Yng (9111 3962 or yng@ingoodhandstherapy.com) for enquiry.

Note: The healing process for each person is different. Although the effects can be felt with one session, more sessions may be required for some individuals. Please speak with the practitioner for recommended number of sessions.

♥ Deep Heart ♥
Helps in letting go of deep-seated, long-term wounds and emotions, and in filling the areas of the heart that are most in need of support.

♥ Wide Heart ♥
Opens up and expands your heart’s energies, so that you may fully experience your emotions and feelings without restriction or limitation.

♥ White Heart ♥
Reestablishes the flow between the head and the heart. When our head-heart connection is strong, we can access Divine Will and the flow of the Divine much more easily.  This technique is also very effective for healing the physical heart and maintaining a healthy heart.

♥ Puffed Heart ♥
Fills your heart with love, reminding you what love is. Great for anyone who find it challenging to give or receive love to self or others.

♥ Cradle of the Heart ♥
Reprograms the heart energies to bring in the wholeness created with nurturing. This technique is wonderful for anyone who have suffered a lack of nurturing from self or others, especially when it is rooted in the child/mother experience.

What to expect during a heart healing session?

The recipient will lay on a massage table fully clothed. The practitioner places her hands on different areas of the recipient’s body. The recipient may feel sensations during the session such as heat, coldness, tingling, numbness and buzzing. Sensations or the lack of it do not affect the flow of the energy or the healing.

Please note that while the practitioner may sometimes pick up certain information during a healing session, it is NOT meant to be a reading for dreams, aura, chakras, emotions or energy levels of any type.