Reiki Healing

A healing session is a great way to experience Reiki. The session can be general or you can come with a specific issue to work on.

Some benefits of a general session are:
– Reduces stress and anxiety
– Increase relaxation and calmness
– Better quality of sleep
– Release emotional based issues

A session typically lasts about 90 minutes, with 60 minutes hands-on healing. The session may take place in a designated healing space or a house/hospital visit can be arranged.

Energy Exchange (In-Person):
S$180 per session
S$486 package of 3 sessions (10% off)
S$40-S$60 additional chargeable per house/hospital visit

Distance/Remote healing is also available. You do not need to be physically present with the practitioner for this. A mutual time will be set up between the practitioner and the receiver for the session to take place. A distance/remote healing session works as well as an in-person session. Distance healing were completed for recipients in Singapore, UK, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Germany, France, Mexico, and Peru, to name a few.

Energy Exchange (Distance/Remote):
– S$40 per session of 15 minutes
– S$70 per session of 30 minutes
– S$130 per session of one hour
– S$351 package of 3 one-hour sessions (10% off)

Please contact Yng (9111 3962 or for enquiry.

Note: The healing process for each person is different. Although the effects can be felt with one session, more sessions may be required for some individuals. Please speak with the practitioner for recommended number of sessions.

What to expect during a Reiki healing session?

The recipient will lay on a massage table fully clothed. The practitioner places her hands on or near different areas of the recipient’s body. The recipient may feel sensations during the session such as heat, coldness, tingling, numbness and buzzing. Sensations or the lack of it do not affect the flow of the Reiki energy or the healing. Most commonly, recipients feel relaxed and refreshed after a session.

Please note that while the practitioner may sometimes pick up certain information during a healing session, it is NOT meant to be a reading for dreams, aura, chakras, emotions or energy levels of any type.