I took on the Reiki level 1 workshop from Yng in April 2014 and subsequently progressed on to Reiki level 3 in April 2015. The workshops were conducted systematically and professionally. The given notes were well formatted and its layout clear. Information in the notes were comprehensive and well presented. Yng is a knowledgeable teacher, bringing to the workshop her wealth of knowledge as well as experiences in energy healing. She was able to explain complicated concepts in layman terms and she customises her answers to the understanding of individual student. The hands on practices that she engaged students in were fun and interesting. Yng was patient, responsive and engaging throughout the whole process. Highly recommended!
– Randy Loh, Photographer

I took Reiki Level 1 in January 2015. Yng was very professional in her class. She provides good guidance, and was able to explain the steps clearly. This makes the learning so much easier. After learning Reiki, it has heightened my mental clarity, I’m able to handle stress better, and my overall health has improved. I will definitely recommend it to my friends.
– Mabel Lim

I was very keen in learning Reiki since I knew there were many benefits of it.. As I moved to Singapore in 2013, I managed to find Yng Wang. She helped me quite a lot in managing my daughter’s emotions and meltdowns through Reiki. She taught me how to self heal and also help my daughter and since then, Reiki has become a part of our life. Reiki helps to keep me calm whenever I am stressed, also helps in healing minor injuries. It brings out the negativity and helps me to think positively. It’s a wonderful experience. I would say everyone should have this experience, it’s just so calming. At the end of the session you will automatically see a smile on your face.
– Sweta Jain

The class was professionally thought with a good balance of theory (60%) and practical sessions inclusive of attunements (40%). At a nearby waterfall, we practiced our Reiki individually. Personally, I was able to feel the effects of Reiki.
– Leong Hon Yuen

Informative and enjoyed the practical sessions. Yng made the lessons interactive and enjoyable.
– Janice Ling

Eye-opening and it’s one of the best weekends I ever gave for myself.
– Sylvia

My Reiki journey with Yng has been such a pleasure. She is a wonderful, inspiring Reiki master- who understands and alleviates my problems or blockages at hand. Yng gets the best out of me with every session and I instantly walk away feeling clearer, energized and ready to take on the world. I am glad to have found someone of such positive influence in my life. Thank you so much, Yng!

I had my first heart healing and Reiki experience with Yng and immediately after the session, I felt a sense of lightness. Throughout the entire session, Yng was very gentle and provided a safe space for me to release all the emotions that arise during the healing session, which makes it a really pleasant experience. Thank you Yng!
– Ashley

Yng holds space with her welcoming, grounded and non-judgemental energy and I feel safe to relax. Before the session, I had heaviness in my heart and was not clear in my head. After the session, I felt much lighter, happier, clearer and more positive. I became more kind and compassionate to people around me. My eyesight became clearer too.
Thank you Yng for such a powerful and nurturing distance heart healing session!!
– Rie, Reiki & Yoga Teacher